Hype Magazine Presents: ‘A Jolly Good Show’ Episode 1: ‘PartytimePlayroom x Notbenjamin’

‘A Jolly Good Show’ is Hype Magazine’s brand new style and event video series hosted by Theo Mokgethi aka JollyBoyTheo. On the show via interviews and eye-catching images embedded in our event -recap images, we aspire to exemplify convergence culture, exploring topics that include music, sneakers, style, and pop culture through the original Hype Magazine ‘A Jolly Good Show’ News segments.

Episode1: Jolly Catches up with @Unclepartytime & @Notbenjamin, and they discuss the challenges they both faced bringing “Partytime Playroom” x Notbenjamin & Friends event experience to life!

The first segment shot by 720 Vision.

Watch below:


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