How The Galaxy Note20 Empowers Sarah Langa In Work And Play

There is no doubt that the Galaxy Note20 Series is redefining work and play with powerful new features. The new Galaxy Note20 series was launched in August and Note fans instantly expressed their enthusiasm. Sarah Langa is clearly one of those fans. She is one of the most popular content creators and personalities in South Africa with her expertise spanning fashion, lifestyle, and travel. This has earned her an incredible following on social media. She was a big part of the local launch of the new devices. The Galaxy Note20 Series is making adapting to the next normal even easier by building on the heritage of the Note series and delivering an unparalleled experience designed for those that want to get more done and enjoy premium entertainment in the palm of their hands from anywhere they desire. However, Sarah also expressed her excitement at the launch of the Galaxy Buds Live, which was also unveiled at the event. So Samsung asked for her unique take on the Galaxy Note20 and the Galaxy Buds Live earbuds that everybody is talking about.


 You know how to multi-task. Does the Galaxy Note20 keep up?

Any day of mine is layered with diverse tasks from content creation to keeping up with my studies and in-between moments to relax. All these activities require technology to adapt to me. The Galaxy Note20 definitely does this. If I need it to go from smartphone to PC, it does it effortlessly.  With the S Pen, which to me feels like writing with a real pen, I can turn notes from a meeting into a PowerPoint presentation, which I can access from my phone on a laptop. I also appreciate the all-day intelligent battery and Super-Fast Charging capabilities as you can get more than a 50% charge in just 30 minutes. “I’m also a big fan of the Galaxy Note20 Ultra’s has a 108MP primary camera sensor that can shoot 8K video at 24 frames-per-second”.

 What caught your attention first with the Galaxy Buds Live?

“I love the new Galaxy Buds Live and how they fit in my ear without sticking out.  This brand new iconic, ergonomic design coupled with best-in-class wireless audio experience, makes Galaxy Buds Live the ultimate day-to-day companion for your Galaxy Note20 Series. Music is a massive part of my life and therefore this is a level of audio appreciation that definitely moves me. Working from home for most people means being tied down to your workspace. However, with Swift Pairing and Connection Shift, you can seamlessly switch from your device, tablet, watch, PC, and even TV with just a tap. On a daily basis, I’m always integrating my studies and professional tasks so the ability to move between multiple screens effortlessly and uninterrupted is a big plus”.

The most important component is, of course, the sound.  Does it meet your standards?

It does. What I picked up from the Buds Live was that there’s no background noise. The Active noise canceling stops it from spoiling your ability to hear and be heard. With bigger bass and a better soundstage, Galaxy Buds Live transports you from your living room to the music festival. Work or play sounds good to me

Beyond the Galaxy, Buds Live what feature stands out for you in the devices?

I love Samsung DeX, which means when working at home I can wirelessly connect the Galaxy Note20 to my Smart TV when I need a bigger screen. It’s also easy to manage two screens simultaneously so you can text with your friends on the Galaxy Note20 while watching a video on a Smart TV.

The Galaxy Note20 and the Galaxy Buds Live clearly sounds good to Sarah and many of her fans will surely soon see her incredible content created with these amazing devices.

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