Listen To HashOne’s ‘TSHENASU’ Sophomore Album

Maftown rap trio HashOne recently dropped their sophomore album called TSHENASU. The whole album comes in with an impressive 20 tracks in total with cameos from the likes of Morafe, Tuks Senganga, Stoan, and Mo Molemi, to name but a few.

Sonically, the album is said to “do justice to motswako heritage while remaining true to HashOne’s boom-bap rap roots with an intricate blend of hard bass drums, snappy acoustics, and hard-hitting lyrics. It’s nothing like the mainstream one-hit traps and endless skrr skrr’s that have characterized the last decade of the hip hop scene.”

Additionally, it’s also been shared that what makes HashOne unique is how “each member’s individuality shines through while their effervescent rap strips are about progressive content that permeates through social discord. Mix Wa Leninja, Nasi TauTona and Sun G Wa Lefika have very different styles but what is common among them is the intensity and clear sense of purpose in how they use music as a transcendent vessel of progressive dialogue.”

The name of the album derives from a purpose-driven statement, which is based on the meaning of each rapper’s real name. TSHepiso means ‘Promise’, NAsi, means ‘Nation’ and SUngula means ‘To start’ and, thus, they have created TSHENASU as a call to action “to fulfill our promise to the nation that we will finish what we started.”

Listen below: