Sony Apologizes For Messy #PS5 Preorder Situation

If you were amongst those that were disappointed & confused at the same about the whole PS5 preorder thing then Sony says sorry… On Saturday Sony actually tweeted an apology for the messy preorder system which took gamers by surprise from Thursday morning here in SA. Those consoles flew off shelves so quickly that many were left without securing a PlayStation 5 console for themselves… Even us! If you remember, the console prices were announced last Wednesday night, and preorders were supposed to go live the next day but those went live just a few hours later in other parts of the world but here in SA, Thursday morning stores such as BT Games sold out within minutes… This of course frustrated many games over here especially considering how much more we’re paying compared to the rest of the world. Other stores such as Makro & Game also had some stock a few hours later but those should be out by now but what’s also interesting is how there’s a lack of digital versions… Where are the digital versions?

Anyways, Sony did promise more consoles will be available over the next few days within their apology.


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