Listen To Kimosabe’s New ‘Bagger Vance’ Song

Last week Kimosabe returned with another Friday Release in the form of a new piano-happy song called ‘Banger Vance’, whose title is said to have been borrowed from the 2000 sports-drama film The Legend of Bagger Vance. Now although the lyrics of ‘Bagger Vance’ do not revolve around sports or the film of the same name, Kimosabe claims that he chose this title because; “Bagger kind of sounded like beggar to me – so I came up with the “don’t make me beg for it” based on that and went with ‘Bagger Vance’ as the title because it sounded cool.”

About the song’s lyrical content, he says; “It’s about this guy who’s side chick wants him to “beg” – in other words, she wants him to leave his girl for her.”

‘Bagger Vance’ is  the second of four singles to be released by Kimosabe Productions as part of #SoulTember, and is produced, written, and performed by Kimosabe.

Listen below:

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