AKA Shares New Album Update?

AKA has undoubtedly been dominating the music scene these days all because of the recent releases he has shared. And of course, we’re talking about the new ‘Cross My Heart’ & ‘Energy’ visuals that just dropped amongst the ‘Monuments’ teaser he shared too. We all know that all these releases are leading towards a new album which he has said will come in due time… However, perhaps this recent post might give us a good indication of how far the album’s completion progress is? AKA recently posted an image that showcases some ‘Kiernan notes’ and reveals 10 tracks listed. We see the songs we mentioned above listed on the first 3 spots, 2 other unknown songs are completely done and the rest is still being worked on. It wouldn’t be a reach to say that this might indicate that the album will consist of 10 tracks right? Even though things can change it’s good to get some sort of visual update from the Supa Mega.

Featured image by @welcometoromesa

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