New Reebok x Nice Kicks Question Mid ‘Bubba Chuck’

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New Reebok x Nice Kicks Question Mid ‘Bubba Chuck’

Reebok recently announced their new team-up with renowned sneaker retailer Nice Kicks and designer Frank Cooker to debut the new collaborative Question Mid ‘Bubba Chuck that pays homage to Allen Iverson’s lifelong love for fishing. This new shoe dropped exclusively at on July 3 will be dropping August in SA limited to only 12 pairs at

And In honor of the collaboration, Reebok and Nice Kicks conducted a brief interview with Bubba Chuck himself, that finds him talking about his passion for fishing, his childhood casting lines into the James River near his hometown of Newport News, VA, and how he used to tell people when he was younger that “I actually want to be a professional fisherman.”

“My whole family fished, you know what I mean… I started when I was like five. I remember the details of the first day I went, that’s how much of a fisherman I am. I remember hooking my mom’s foot by mistake. I actually remember down to the color of the rag she put on her foot,” recounted Iverson in the video. “We used to fish off some rocks in my neighborhood or I would fish off the pier or something like that, but I didn’t get on a boat until I got in the league.” – Bubba Chuck



These Nice Kicks x Reebok Question Mid ‘Bubba Chuck’ are said to have been inspired by a conversation that took place between Iverson and Reebok designer Scott Hewett when the two actually went on a fishing trip together almost 25 years ago…

“I know how people say that they do it to get away, to clear their mind,” continued Iverson. “But I’m just so much of a fisherman that it was just – I just love doing it, you know what I mean? I just love it, man. I just love the sport of it.”- Bubba Chuck


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