Watch Xenlaii’s New ‘Idolz’ Music Video

Xenlaii recently dropped off some new visuals for his ‘Idolz’ joint which is a song off his  SURF : AM EP. For this offering, he teamed up with Sizmeister and [NOTHING] Creates Production Studio to create an experience that finds him seated in a room undergoing construction with an old television that covers his face. It’s quite a cool concept and does well to keep our attention on the screen within the screen you know what we mean? Even though there is motion outside of it…

“It was inspired by the idea of a lot of South African men not having their fathers around so they end up turning to TV and media to find their idols. The set was created to look like it’s the garage of a serial killer; think Hannibal Lecter. The fact that I am sitting down and in white and while the all-black dressed character is in the TV dancing aggressively signifies how we all want to break free right now. The black character is my subconscious and shadow wanting to break free” – Xenlaii

Featured image by @_twenty20_scissors

Watch below:

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