Nasty C x T.I. Tackle Racial Injustice & More In New ‘They Don’t’ Single [Listen]

Over the weekend Nasty C delivered his brand new song called ‘They Don’t’ that features T.I. This powerful song comes in a time when the world is experiencing a change that challenges racial injustices, systematic inequalities, police brutality, and a whole lot more. There’s definitely a lot happening in the world right now and everybody is experiencing that one way or another. ‘They Don’t’ song is a powerful anthem that starts off with Nasty lacing it’s powerful chorus before he drops an emotive verse. T.I comes in towards the end with some powerful bars that directly name George Floyd and Emmett Till while highlighting how abusive policemen are responsible for their violent actions. This also might be a song off Nasty’s upcoming Zulu Man With Some Power album because he did confirm that T.I. would be featured on the album earlier in the year but that’s just us assuming at this point. And furthermore, all proceeds from this song will go to the Until Freedom and Solidarity Fund.

Listen below: