Sipho the Gift Drops New #BLOOM Single [Listen]

Sipho the Gift has just dropped off a new single today called #BLOOM which part of an upcoming EP of the same title that is focused on celebrating growth and transformation. This is one of those “get up & do you” type of songs that will surely get you motivated to celebrate yourself and journey more.

“I feel like I’ve been making music and perfecting my craft for some years, and I’m just coming into my best self. I’m finally in control of my narrative and creative expression. Like a seed buried deep, I’m still growing and blossoming into my best creative self. That’s the only thing I’m focused on right now: getting better and better” – Sipho the Gift

The song is part of his upcoming BLOOM EP that has a June 12 release date on streaming services right now.

“I’m not chasing a sound. I’m in my own lane and making music that completely represents me and makes me happy holistically” Sipho the Gift talks about BLOOM EP

Listen below: