K.O, J’Something, Msaki & Q-Twins Join Forces To Drop SA’s Song of Hope ‘Rainbow’

Mr Cashtime, K.O, Mi Casa’s foreman, J’Something, award-winning singer-songwriter, Msaki, and Q-Twins of Idols SA fame, join forces to release SA’s song of hope titled ‘Rainbow’. ‘Rainbow’, aptly named, is an anthem for our rainbow nation at a time when the country is facing uncharted territories and there is a lot of despair and uncertainty. The song of hope aims to lift the country’s spirits and build a sense of solidarity amongst the nation.

Already a Top 15 song in the country on the Radiomonitor SA Top 100 Chart, Rainbow is playing on radio stations across the country and touching millions of hearts.

K.O, who was the lead producer on the project says: “We hope the song inspires hope during a time when many might be concerned about their mental health and wellbeing.”

“I’m a firm believer that music has an important role to play in society, especially at times like these. So when it came to being a part of this project, not only did I really believe in the initiative, but I was really excited at the prospect of working with K.O, Msaki, and the Q-Twins,” shares J’Something.

“One thing I’ve learned about South Africans is the fact that we are so resilient – and I say that with some trepidation as we are sometimes forced to be resilient when we don’t have to be. I am in awe of how we are rallying together and helping each other,” expresses Msaki.

The Q-Twins add: “In tough times, it’s wonderful to be able to use our talents to uplift ourselves and others. We are a nation of singers. Now, as we go through this lockdown together, we can encourage one another through a language we all understand – music.”

Listen below:

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