2020 Tokyo Olympics Are Still Happening

So it’s been reported by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) that the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games will not be canceled and are happening. Even though senior IOC member Dick Pound warned of the alternative, apparently coronavirus fears are not enough to shut down the event just yet.

The IOC also acknowledged that the coronavirus pandemic is “an unprecedented situation for the whole world,” and that it is affecting preparation for the games. However, “with more than four months to go before the Games, there is no need for any drastic decisions at this stage; and any speculation at this moment would be counter-productive. … The IOC encourages all athletes to continue to prepare for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 as best they can.”

The IOC also quotes Shinzo Abe, Japan’s prime minister: “I want to hold the Olympics and Paralympics perfectly, as proof that the human race will conquer the new coronavirus, and I gained support for that from the G-7 leaders.”

And to uptake efforts to prevent the spread of the virus, the IOC reports that forthcoming test events and event elements, like the lighting of the torch in Greece, will go forward with adapted techniques and alternative plans, like keeping the torch-lighting spectator-free. Then finally, athletes training for the event within self-quarantine may receive aid from the IOC, which is adapting qualification protocols in line with safety limitations.