Listen To Patty Monroe’s New ‘Fill Ya Cup Vol. 1’ Tape

After coming out of hibernation, Patty Monroe is ready to play with the rest of the kids at school.  Fill Ya Cup is about a woman who thinks she is ready for a relationship because that’s what she sees all around her when, in fact, she has so much to heal from and self love to experience. Everybody is asking her where her boyfriend is and why she isn’t married. Nobody ever asks if she’s happy or if she’s achieved her goals.

The first installment of the two part release has Patty playing around with her signature versatility, embracing Afro Pop and Hip Hop while further exploring the more alternative sound she found on Reminiscing.

YDBCareless starts the EP off with a whopper of an anthem for redemption and healing. FYC Vol.1 is a showcase of her self love journey, with Patty oozing confidence and sass. Love has always played hard to get with Patty until she realized she can make her own happiness, right at home.

Monroe fell deeper in love with her continent on her East African tour a couple of years back when she visited Kenya and Uganda. The world is changing and so is Patty Monroe. This is just a taste of what’s yet to come for this burgeoning talent.

Listen below: