Trapstar ,TTGO, takes a new direction in new introverted release called ‘South African Gods’. Many observers, fans and hip hop analysts would definitely regard TTGO as a trapper by all means, but those that are familiar with the artists catalog would know that this is only half the story. In the archives of his soundcloud catalog lies a forgotten project titled Nomad Lost in Time which is said to be a side of TTGO’s more introspective side where he touches on matters of family, the system
he feels trapped in, religion and much more.

Anyone who got to know the rapper through his breakout on The Hustle will have missed this chapter. With the help of Nomad Lost in Time producer Emamkay this new release titled ‘South African Gods’ , TT breaks down the state of the game as seen from his prospective & sends out a message to those that will travel this road after him

Listen below: