Interview : Walshy Fire

You’ve built quite a successful career for yourself since you started out. So many young DJ’s have attempted and still continue to attempt to the level that you have reached. When you look back at how far you’ve come, how does that make you feel?

I feel blessed and grateful for what I have managed to achieve in my music career.

Going back to 2013 you once mentioned that your sole purpose was to bring back some glory and international exposure for reggae and dancehall culture, how has that journey been for you so far?

I aim to bring good music to the world, and that means supporting and uplifting genres like reggae and dancehall by shining a spotlight on them. I do the same for Miami’s local hip hop artists and have ventured into Afrobeats as well.

Now that you are part of the Bacardi Sound of Rum campaign, could you go more into detail of what your role is? 

One of my purposes as a musician is to unify the world and bring forth its beautiful parts through music and culture. Bacardi Sound of Rum has the same vision and understands the importance of bringing people together. It does that so well through music and encourages you to be bold enough to #DoWhatMovesYou, that is, through dance or self-expression. I share the same vision and sentiment with Bacardi, and that is why I love working with this brand. My role as an ambassador for Bacardi is to dive deep into exciting music genres, especially those from SA’s, and present them worldwide.

Seeing that you have worked with Mr Eazi, Vanessa Mdee, Ice Prince and Runtown. How would you describe your journey of experimenting with different African sounds?

A: My journey of making music with African artists and experimenting with different African sounds has been incredible. Africa is a diverse and colourful continent that has a lot to offer. It never ceases to amaze me with new and exciting things that the people have to offer, which makes my experience of working with artists here fun and enjoyable. I’m always learning, always experimenting. I’m going to keep doing that because Africa keeps creating.

In a previous interview you mentioned that you would love to work with Sho Madjozi, have you taken the conversation further ever since you said that?

I once met Sho Madjozi for the first time in Miami for the Super Bowl. Hopefully, one day we will work together. Of course, you know working together without actually connecting is not the way we make music, so now that we’ve connected, hopefully, we can collaborate.

Just to wrap it up, Where does Walshy Fire get the inspiration and push to do what he does today through all the good times & tough times?

Inspiration comes from just being alive and understanding that not everyone else gets the opportunities that I get. I am here, I am present, and I set the intentions to do the best I can every single day. I wake up and say ‘do some good today’. I have lots of friends that are in prison or no longer with us and so they inspire me to do it for them.

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