Peep Nigeria’s New Nike 2020 Football Kit

Seems like Nike is on a roll with all these reveals and this next one is this latest Football kit that Nike has shared that be worn by Nigeria for 2020. The new kit has a crazy home and away version, dressed in eye-catching hues, bold hand-drawn prints, and custom fonts that fuses sports & cultural aesthetics with ease. This new kit does well to celebrate the unique Nigerian culture with the use of various necklines, sleeves, cuffs, and badge placements. Remember when the 2018 kit sold about 3 million units worldwide? Well it might happen again especially considering that the agbada robe with modern football design looks good hand-drawn print style. The team badge and Nike‘s Swoosh insignia have been placed in the center instead of the classic left.right placement. The away kit is inspired by Onaism, a traditional artistic movement central to Nigerian design and craft.

Peep below: