Dell Announces New Portable Gaming PC Device

Dell recently announced that they have a new portable gaming PC from Alienware at the CES 2020 event called the Concept UFO, which looks like a Nintendo Switch to be honest. Now according to a press release this Concept UFO features an 8-inch screen with 1900×1200 resolution. It also includes detachable controllers, so you can game in a range of modes: as one unit, with controllers attached to the screen; separating the controllers and using the kickstand on a surface to game or stream your favorite show (for example, a table, or a tray on an airplane or train); or connect it to an external display and play using the detached controller, or use a mouse and keyboard as you would any other PC.

And in addition to that, the Concept UFO will feature a 10th-gen Intel Core processor and Thunderbolt connectivity, actually making it much more powerful than Nintendo‘s portable home console. Dell also says the UFO will allow users to play AAA PC titles on-the-go and that thousand of hours have been put into producing the controller design and ergonomics in order to deliver “uncompromised” performance.

The specs and prices will arrive at a later date.

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