S.P.C.C Menswear Brand Is A Pioneer In South African Design

Born on the Streets of South Africa circa 2012, the S.P.C.C Menswear brand combines gritty street influences with astute, sophisticated design to deliver an iconic, progressive, Men’s Denim brand. Renowned for its premium quality, unique fit, signature prints and luxury detailing, S.P.C.C has transformed into a powerhouse, establishing the brand as an authority in denim design and innovation.


In September 2019 the S.P.C.C Crew was formally invited to showcase their innovative design ethos & unique market position at the Durban Fashion Fair 2019. Fans were expecting something remarkable and S.P.C.C made sure to deliver. Tasked with producing an 8-minute Fashion Show, they featured 16 models, conceptualized phenomenally creative audiovisual content, launched digital marketing campaigns, executed live streaming sessions & graffitied customized footwear.


The S.P.C.C team managed to produce a headlining South African production featuring the Black Motion track ‘Prayer for Rain’ and delivered a physical and emotional experience that celebrated the individual, united the fan base and established the brand as a leader in the Menswear Denim market.

“It was an incredible journey and an honor to be showcased among-st such brilliant South African designers.” – S.P.C.C Team.

Other headliners included Amanda Laird Cherry, winner of the ‘Fashion Designer of the Year‘ award at the World Fashion Awards on 18 September 2019.

S.P.C.C has once again raised the bar in the Menswear industry, teaching us that a brand should be more than a label or a pair of jeans, it should be an inspiring intellectual & emotional experience.