DJ D Double D Drops New ‘Show You’

What would we ever be without woman?

It’s been a while since we had a real fire all-female joint and today DJ D Double D has come through with his new release titled ‘show you’ featuring Moozlie, Boskasie, Astryd Brown & Faith K. All the ladies featured are all about empowerment, in a very funky and groovy way as in the artwork
all artists channeled their inner Austin Powers.

“This song is about highlighting females and their power. Each verse talks about an individuals story of how they shine and light up the room they walk into. The hook talks about how despite everything around us (society) ‘we’ [the females] have everything we need inside of us (our power, strength, and light)” – Boskasie

Keep your ears on the ground for the mini doccie that will be released about the full song with some behind the scene footage as well as exclusive visuals.

Listen below: