“They call me the ONE like I joined the Matrix” – Dibi (Famous Ft. Sy)

Remember when hip hop gave you those goosebump feelings because of how the lyrical, bar and thought out content from an album made you feel? Yeah, well Dibi’s latest Up Till Now project has brought those feelings back – Up Till Now is a collection of emotive narration, hard bangers, artistic expression with the personal reflection that many young & older listeners can surely relate to. It’s a lot more than you probably might have hoped for because Dibi hasn’t received massive mainstream attention yet but his tape is definitely mainstream attention worthy which could seem bittersweet especially if you’ve been following his career. Coming from Wait Till June, Up Till Now makes quite an impression solely because of the variety in tales that Dibi brings forth from start to finish. From track 1 (It’s Time) to ‘Losing Soul’, ‘Net Worth’ and the rest, Dibi does well to cater to new listeners and old ones because to find a balance between intro & continuation can be quite tricky for some artist if we’re honest. Not only does Up Till Now do well to keep ears entertained but it captivates one to fully immersive themselves to what is being delivered by the focal point. You somehow can’t help but pay attention to the boy… And what sets Up Till Now apart from the rest is that Dibi made a human relatable story for the digital age and then some. Plus the artist structure within the project does well to withhold a sold tape’s essence, which is storytelling in this case. After listening to Up Til Now we feel like we got to know and respect Dibi more as an authentic artist. Although it felt short of impact at some points, this whole project really dropped at the right time as a good sign of growth from Dibi. We can’t wait for the debut album…

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