HYPE Magazine Interviews Nomalanga Shozi For G-Star RAW’s Latest SS19 Campaign [Read]

These past weeks you might come across G-Star RAW’s latest SS19 brand campaign, which highlights unique personalities, with the confident message, “It’s you. Own it.” And to give the campaign local context the iconic brand collaborated with two of South Africa’s stars – multimedia visual artist Trevor Stuurman and actress, TV personality and radio host Nomalanga Shozi – to be the faces of the South African campaign. Now last week HYPE got the opportunity to share our interview Trevor Stuurman and today we’re sharing our chat with actress, radio host, TV personality & artist, Nomalanga Shozi, to find out a little bit more about the campaign and how she got to be part of it all.

How did the relationship between you and G-Star develop?

The relationship between myself and G-Star developed quite naturally; I had worked with the brand a bit in previous years and this new venture is more or less a continuation of that.

What was it about the campaign that really sealed you being a part of it?

The most attractive thing about the campaign to me is how our key message is a call to action to young people to believe in themselves more and to own their story, their narrative and lives overall. I am excited by how well this message is received and how young people across the country are interpreting it.

It’s been said that this new campaign reflects the concepts of individuality and innovation, what would you say are the key factors of maintaining individuality & innovation in one’s life?

Most important for me is to be 100% sure about who I am and my story no matter what situation I find myself in. This, as well as my “why” are very important to me; it’s like my cardinal points: Who am? Why am I doing what I’m doing? Where am I going? With these in mind as my basics, I am able to innovate and articulate myself with confidence and ease because I am authentic and true.

The G-Star denim brand has been shaping the fashion industry for about 30 years now with innovations. Some say that innovation truly comes within but these days it can be found all around us. Where do you find the inspiration to innovate within your career?

I reflect a lot on the things I’ve done in the past and I always try to outdo myself in that way. I also gather much inspiration from magazines, blogs and documentaries. I study the heroes of my industry, I watch how they move, how they think, how they innovate. I like to do my homework, especially where greatness is concerned.

What would you say makes G-Star such a stand-out denim brand?

G-Star RAW is authentic. The brand represents originality to me, unpretentious, unconventional and innovative in their designs. I can appreciate that.

Denim has been around for so many generations and the way it continues to grow in the modern world has gone beyond expectations. How does denim make you feel when you wear it?

Denim makes me feel confident, sure and honest. I wear the pair I feel represents my energy best each day.

What words of encouragement would you have for anybody willing to learn more about themselves and “Own It”?

Study yourself, be sure of yourself, be honest with yourself so that when you are put to the test, you are not found lacking. Be ready for what you ask for. When you get it, ditch the imposter syndrome. OWN IT.

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