HYPE Magazine Interviews Trevor Stuurman For G-Star RAW’s Latest SS19 Campaign [Read]

By now you might have heard or seen that G-Star RAW recently its latest SS19 brand campaign, which highlights unique personalities, with the confident message, “It’s you. Own it.” And to give the campaign local context the iconic brand collaborated with two of South Africa’s stars – multimedia visual artist Trevor Stuurman and actress, TV personality and radio host Nomalanga Shozi – to be the faces of the South African campaign. Now HYPE got the opportunity to have a chat with both Trevor Stuurman and Nomalanga Shozi to find out a little bit more about the campaign and how their relationship with G-Star RAW was formed. However, in this particular interview, we focus on South African photographer and creative director Trevor Stuurman. Enjoy!

How did the relationship between you and G-Star develop?

I was initially intrigued by the brands differentiating factor – RAW denim – and started asking some questions. As I continued to explore the brand’s character, I found myself resonating with the messages of individuality and confidence. From there we saw a relationship bloom naturally, my continued interest in the brand and the brand’s support of my career created a genuine bond.

What was it about the campaign that really sealed you being a part of it?

With my career in my photography, I have always been an advocate for originality, creative expression, and authenticity. These ideals are emphasised in the campaign’s message and aligns with my personal beliefs. The best collaborations are the ones were the brand and the talent both believe in the message.

It’s been said that this new campaign reflects the concepts of individuality and innovation, what would you say are the key factors of maintaining individuality & innovation in one’s life?

Self-acceptance and being honesty are two foundations that I have built my confidence on. It’s important that we take accountability for our actions, good or bad; know why we made them and then critique that choice honestly so that we may learn from it and improve.


The G-Star denim brand has been shaping the fashion industry for about 30 years now with innovations. Some say that innovation truly comes from within but these days it can be found all around us. Where do you find the inspiration to innovate within your career?

I am in constant competition with myself. Always looking to improve my craft and outdo the previous accomplishment. This ambition drives my ingenuity.

 What would you say makes G-Star such a stand-out denim brand?

What makes G-Star RAW different from other brands is their innovative approach towards craftsmanship and sustainability. The brands’ main focus is the quality of the product, and every person who has been in a pair of Star RAW denim can feel this.

Denim has been around for so many generations and the way it continues to grow in the modern world has gone beyond expectations. How does denim make you feel when you wear it?

Denim makes me feel strong and inspires a sense of buoyancy. For me, the fabric is not only a wardrobe staple but an essential, as a well-fitted pair can enhance my entire mood.

What words of encouragement would you have for anybody willing to learn more about themselves and “Own It”?

Remember that you are the only person on the planet who can use your ability. So use it…

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