Jhene Aiko’s, Liberating Truth!

Written by Nomsa Motale

Featured image by Steven Taylor

“You right I’m triggered!” When I first heard these lyrics, I was on some “Jhene is about to drop some messy truths up on these vibes!” Then after Jhene released the new “Triggered” music video on the streets and all over the net, the response was lit! I mean wigs were snatched on social media because the reaction was literally triggering, even though Jhene stated that this song was not a ‘diss” track to anyone, people were convinced that she was dragging homeboy, “Big Sean” by his pants.

Well… whether that is true or not, we don’t know! But what we do know is that we are all here for those freestyle lyrics she blessed us with, it kinda took us back to when Jhene dropped the track “Comfort Inn” a couple of years back and had us ready to raise our hands because that girl sure knows how to give us the truth!

Image By Steven Taylor

We all here for music that not only makes us nod our heads and turn up but music that actually aligns your energies and makes you face whatever trauma’s you may be dealing with, that’s where the liberation is actually at! Because we all have moments when we have felt slightly “triggered”

And this is why songs like “Triggered” are necessary because not only is this song relatable but the vulnerability within the lyrics makes Jhene an amazing artist because she is able to put people in that safe space and allow them to acknowledge how they really feel about whatever they may be going through! “Triggered” mostly resonated with a lot of women, because at some point they actually felt that way about a certain situation and it is so liberating to know that an artist can paint her feelings in a song that will not only have a banging beat but an actual moment of self-realization!

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