That Awkward Moment And How To Hustle Your Way Out Of It

As much as we may want to avoid awkward moments, sometimes it’s easier said than done. For instance, if someone makes a lame joke or low-key insults you, do you try to fake laughter, or do you choose to walk away?

Well, we don’t think you should just walk away. Hustle your way out!


This is one of the most common causes of a good chat turning sour. Instead of sending your mum the line “My precious mother” you may end up sending “My pregnant mother” which will definitely not go down well. Hustle: If your phone autocorrects a message into something embarrassing or offensive, respond quickly with a follow-up message to apologise. Because this is so common, most people would understand the typo – especially if you jump at it. If you wait too long to fix the embarrassing mistake, the recipient might just think that you meant what you said.

Slip and fall

If you think having spinach between your teeth is bad, try tripping and falling in front of your crush. Okay, perhaps they’re equally as clumsy. But, you don’t want to be remembered as the “guy that fell” – which can affect that cool image you’ve been cultivating.

Hustle: If you do fall while trying to impress your crush, do a few impressive push-ups while you’re still on the ground or do an epic breakdance move. They’ll be impressed and amused, and you can kiss the embarrassment goodbye! #Winning

Forgotten a name

We may be able to recognise most faces, but remembering the names of everyone you’ve ever met doesn’t always come easy. And it can get especially awkward if the person you are speaking to is important at work.

Hustle: They are probably unaware that you’ve forgotten their name. Just keep the conversation going as though you remember it. Or it might trigger a memory if you asked them if they ever had a nickname. They may say “some of my colleagues call me this for short” or “my friends call me that”. To which you can then reply: “Is it okay if I call you that too.” See? Saved by a nickname.

Bad date

If the conversation is drier than your drink, then a sad date can seem to drag on forever. There is recovery after a bad date, so don’t be too disappointed – binge-watching your favourite series is a near-certain cure.

Hustle: If you have gone out for a meal, finish the main course and don’t order dessert or coffee thereafter. You can leave with “it’s been a long day, and I have to hand in a project tomorrow. Would you mind if call it a night a bit early?” Just be careful not to make promises of another date!

One of the best ways to make sure you’ll be forgiven if you must hustle your way out of a situation is to make sure you are always smelling fresh by wearing Axe Gold. Even those who may be bemused by your hustle will respect your hustle! Because everyone adores the fragrance of a good-smelling man.