Listen To Shane King’s ‘Changes’ Joint

Shane King is a RAPA (Rhythm And Poetry Artist) and is a fresh-face to the South African music industry- even though he has been writing poetry and lyrics since he was nine years old! He has now decided to share his life journey and stories with the world, through music.

Now ‘Changes’ is said to be centred on the transition of Shane King from the “street to the beat” – always going against the law, being ostracized by society and having a possible future “of jail or death”- but now, through music his proverbial “hustle” has now transformed into melodic poetry . He adds a roughness to the South African hip hop scene with raw lyrics about the hard knocks of street entrepreneurship, which highlights trouble with law enforcement.

The track stimulates change and to motivate people –that no matter their circumstances or how bleak their current situation may be, they should never stop striving for the best and to be the best. Anyone can transform for the better, with handwork and positivity. Shane King raps about his personal experiences and the horrific situations he has been through in his life and overcome. The vivid articulation of the stories in his songs, ‘The Young and the Restless’ ,The Anger Management Mixtape and ‘Changes’, transport the listener to the hot seat of Shane King as he takes you on a journey – with each song feeling like a movie sequel, with high and low points of life.

Listen below:

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