Last night a new “Kanye West” single surfaced on Apple Music and had many confused as it whether it really was a Kanye song or not. ‘idk (Demo)’ was suddenly found on Apple Music through Kanye West’s official page and some speculated that signaled that Yandhi was on the way but what was weird about the song was the fact that it had no traces of Ye on it. Plus it was accompanied by a grainy, low-res image and its since then been removed after it was discovered that the song’s lyrics appear on Genius as a song called ‘Idk (iphOnesOng)’ by an artist named BigOmuziq. Although it’s unclear if BigOmuziq was the one who managed to out the song onto Kanye’s Apple Music page, it seems that the artist got the attention.

kanye west Kanye West Did Not Upload A Mysterious ‘Idk’ Demo Song On Apple Music Last Night Image from iOS 1540842240 640x1138 576x1024

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