Denim customisation is the future and it’s amazing to see how humans are using this form of fashion to interpret and create their own style story.

Markham in Gateway is where it all goes down where the legendary denim head, Sanele from Tempracha will instantly raise your swag levels with his DENIM CUSTOM BAR ( Whether you’re thinking about swinging your jeans into some shorts or need the pair of denims you just purchased tailored to suit or pimped out, this is the bar for you.

Since denim customisation has become a hot commodity and peeps from everywhere want to get in on the fun, it’s really dope to see how denim products like Truckers are being transformed from just being a plain denim jacket to a work of art when badges and other embellishments are added to various sections. The artistic vision sees the music and fashion world work hand-in-hand to keep creating fresh versions of sound, in turn using that to influence the trends like denim customisation.

Denim will never NOT BE TRENDING and that’s why it has become embedded in a pop & street culture with such artistic flair and basically the main reason why Relay Jeans just had to have a piece of the action.

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