Anatii Unlocks Self- Identity

You cannot master your destiny, if you do not know your purpose. You cannot know your purpose without knowing who you are and where you come from. When you know where you come from, it resonates with your self-identity. With self-identity you are able to remind yourself of what you are capable of in this world. Let me start of by saying, what Anatii has done and created has reminded so many of us the importance of looking into self. He has used spirituality, culture and who he is to create music that not only makes us bump our heads, but also makes us think and appreciate ourselves.

The song ‘Ngozi’ sounds like a love letter that was written with drum beats and cultured paint-brushes that evokes emotions on our canvases. The focus and brilliance of the song and many other songs, has tapped into our musical chakra. Different artists create music for various reasons, but it is so refreshing to listen to a song that has lyrics that make you feel something. African people have always been story-tellers and have always had creativity on their finger-tips. The more we appreciate our heritage and acknowledge ourselves that is when we are able to leave legacies.

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