Watch Pusha T’s Red Bull Music Academy Lecture (Berlin 2018)

Pusha T opened up about the early days of the Clipse, Drake, Kanye and Daytona at an intimate lecture held at the Red Bull Music Festival Berlin. The G.O.O.D. Music president’s public Lecture moderated by music journalist Anupa Mistry during the Red Bull Music Festival in Berlin showed an intimate almost vulnerable side of the artist, revealing what has made him one of the most influential rappers alive. From growing up in Virginia Beach, breaking through with ‘Grindin’, working with Pharrell back in the early 90s, the end of Clipse and finding his sound; he goes on to offer a glimpse into his creative modus operandi and how he works with Kanye West both at G.O.O.D Music and through the making of his most recent album “Daytona”, the controversial album artwork, his beefs in the Hip Hop industry and the importance of competition in Hip Hop.

“You know Grindin’ was the Clipse’s first record. I do remember like putting that record out. It felt like every drug dealer in the United States was booking Clipse for every two thousand dollar show ever. We did these shows and we did these shows for like nine months and I remember at the end of that ninth month, it was like Grindin’ was a phenomenon. The video had just hit, people were doing the dances, the little girls were doing it from around our way. It was definitely the lunchtable beat of every cafeteria. The streets had spoken” – Pusha T

“We’ll find something great like that in that vein and I’ll do it, and I’ll fall in love with it and then [Kanye] makes a crazy beat like Santeria or something, and then he’s like: “See this is what I’m talking about. This is what it needs to be. I ain’t trying to hear that shit”. Like, it turns into shit… it’s crazy. He does this great, great convincing job of like… “Listen man, this is your sound bro, you can’t abandon your sound.” I’m like “Yo man, It’s one song”. He’s like “No, we don’t want one song, we don’t. We just want it all like this.” Everybody comes into the room they’re like “Nah, I think he’s right”. They give me no backing, no nothing” Pusha added about working with Kanye West

Watch the full lecture below:

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