Kanye West Felt That His Rants Were Unhealthy So That’s Why He Deletes His Accounts

By now you would’ve heard that Kanye West deleted his Instagram & Twitter accounts after months of sharing his opinions on the socials. Now according to People, Kanye decided to delete his social media accounts because he realized his rants were becoming unhealthy.

 “When he gets into these Twitter rants, it’s very difficult for him to stop. It’s like an obsession and it actually affects his life. He knows it’s not healthy, so he wants to take things down a notch,” a source told People

It was Kanye’s idea to remove himself from social media though as he had also been advised by his wife Kim Kardashian West to take a break for the sake of their relationship and their kids. “Kim agreed it was time for him to take a social media break. She just wants him to focus on his family for a bit now,” the source also added. 

This isn’t the first time Kanye does this but if it means that his focus will now be on his project with Chance The Rapper called Good Ass Job and Yandhi, then that’s fine by us…

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