Cass Commemorates The Late Linda “Prokid” Mkhize With ‘Real One’ Music Video Dropping Tomorrow

Tomorrow Cass will be dropping a new music video titled ‘Real One’ which shows a cameo from SA hip hop Legend Linda “Prokid” Mkhize. The video was shot in 2018 in the South of Johannesburg.

“Real One is about me staying true and keeping relations and matters real and organic. We often find ourselves in situations in the entertainment industry where you land yourself in fictitious situations whereby people make empty promises and string you along, I just disliked it so much that it inspired me to create Real One. I am so blessed and privileged to have had Prokid come through and support me for the video shoot, it really means a lot to me to have had an Icon in Music that I have looked up to all my life come support my authenticity. It was as though he had given me a stamp of blessings. I had no idea that he was coming through. The team surprised me. He just rocked up into the scene I was shooting. Up to this very day I am still overwhelmed. I am sad that I didn’t get an opportunity to play him the video but I find comfort in knowing that he said my song was dope and that he was happy to be a part of it” – Cass

Watch the trailer below:

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