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Youths Run Spree

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Youths Run Spree

Creative campaigns with an inventive spirit have always been at the heart of what Spree aims to achieve and their new ‘Youth run Spree’ campaign is no different. The campaign from SA’s leading online fashion store, collaborated with a group of young creatives to direct, style, shoot and produce the launch of the AW18 season for the category in an effort to engage with, while empowering, young South Africans. Now Spree gave the group full reign on the campaign in order to produce authentic images and expose the realness of African Gen Z’s, and the end results are stunning.

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Speaking about her inspiration for the shoot, Photographer Tamika Burt (18) said, “I was mostly inspired by the modern and upcoming streetwear initiatives and designers. I decided to take that inspiration and give it a youthful twist, edgy yet innocent. Young people are exploring the world and their identities which is often expressed through art, especially in a street environment.” Spree’s Head of Customer Interaction & Marketing, Esther Hoogstad comments, “The South African youth of today see things very differently, and are an incredibly powerful creative force. We wanted to showcase the very best young talents and create a platform that excites and inspires who we are trying to reach.”

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