adidas Originals | EQT BASK ADV For SS18

This season, adidas Originals presents an EQT sneaker release translating the iconic‘90s line’s distinctive design language into a new high-top basketball context, introducing the EQT BASK ADV silhouette. At the intersection of creativity and a focus on quality, the EQT BASK ADV shoe reflects on its history on the courts but finds its place today on the streets. A pared-back modern interpretation, the EQT sneaker is a product that is all substance and no-bullsh*t. Exuding the integrity of what it stands for, it can only be described as the sneakerheads sneaker.

The campaign picks up from a scene in the newly released film Original is Never Finished |2018, in which hip-hop artist and self-professed sneakerhead A$AP Ferg uncovers the evolution of the EQT silhouette only to reveal the latest addition to the lineup. The campaign images portray A$AP Ferg against the backdrop of his extensive collection of Originals. Front and enter is this newest iteration, now revealed to be the EQT BASK ADV shoe.“

“We wanted to give a whole new meaning to the idea of being never finished. We were fascinated by our own repeated behaviors, and once we disrupted the routine it gave us the freedom to explore the unexpected. The idea of doing things over and over again, is reflected in the repetition of images throughout the film and this adidas Originals “wheel of life” releases the creativity and energy of a new generation of creators including Florencia Galarza, Adrianne Ho, and A$AP Ferg, who embody the lyrics of the 90’s” – Alegra O’Hare,VP of Global Communication, adidas Originals

What’s your earliest adidas memory?

My earliest adidas memory would have to be watching VH1Behind the Music and seeing RunDMC holding up their adidas on stage and telling the whole audience to do the same. They were wearing their adidas without laces, track suits, fedoras and big necklaces with an adidas shoe hanging from the chain.

What would you like your impact to be on culture?

I want to be able to impact culture as a leader, a teacher and a dreamer. As someone who follows his dreams and can take a uniqueness and it into a strength and inspire others to do the same.The lyrics of the track we hear throughout the video are‘keep pushing on’.

What drives you to keep pushing on?

I’d like to say that I’m always striving and will do so forever. Even if I made a billion dollars, I’ll always be motivated to be a better son, a better uncle, a better brother and better artist to my fans and a better person for myself. Life is about challenges. Every day is a new one and overcoming these challenges becomes sort of a euphoric high. I thrive on that energy.

The film explores the idea of evolution. How do you continue to evolve?

I surround myself with like-minded people, those that are open to new things, new music, new sonics, new visuals. I like to be around people who have good energy and can laugh. It’s about being open minded and that’s what makes me continue to evolve.

What does it mean to be original?

To be original means to always be in search of. Always looking within to see if you’re being your true self. It’s natural to admire and get inspired by so many people. We are creatures of repetitious acts and sometimes it’s hard to be ourselves. It takes self-reevaluation and cleansing of your soul of everything that’s been done and just going with what’s truly in your heart.

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