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Boiler Room x Ballantine’s True Music Africa will GO ON TO VISIT CAMEROON, Nairobi & JOHANNESBURG


ALL BROADCASTS LIVE ON http://truemusic.boilerroom.tv/

Africa, a vast and hugely diverse continent – culturally, politically and geographically – is known for its myriad musical styles. From gqom to Nairobi nu wave and eclectic afro-fusion, True Music Africa will tell the stories of the varied music scenes sweeping the continent and the key innovators in each space who share the ‘hustle mentality’ – all via compelling documentaries and live-streamed parties to bring Africa’s True Music scene to a global stage.

The Cape Town show features some of the country’s most well-respected original self-starters, including:

  • K$
  • Dope Saint Jude
  • Youngsta CPT
  • Aux Womdantso
  • DJ Lyle

And to build on the hype around the upcoming even we decided to have a quick chat with Ballantine’s Head of Music, Tom Elton:

How did Boiler Room and Ballantine’s begin the conversations of coming together? Reflect on that moment …

Ballantine’s entered a very exciting partnership with Boiler Room four years ago. We were looking for a global platform that would allow us to connect with music fans around the world.

Back then, we were looking for a partner to help connect us with music fans around the world, but it had to be a true collaboration because we looking for something long term and not simply a badging sponsorship.

And it has been truly collaborative since the start – we work together to curate line-ups that represent the underground music scenes in cities around the world; and together, we tell their stories.

What would you say makes this relationship work?

We are so proud of the partnership and to date our partnership has given a global platform to 150 artists across 20 events, viewed by 65 million people worldwide. It works because it’s truly collaborative.

Boiler Room is also a fantastic partner for us because it fits our brand ethos of ‘Stay True’ so seamlessly. Fans of Ballantine’s are fans of Boiler Room and this natural synergy was key for us.

Moreover, no one else matches what they do on a global scale – Boiler Room gives us incredible reach so we can bring True Music to fans all over the world through cool, money-can’t-buy experiences that we create together. 

 Describe what a True Music Artist is in your own words.

A True Music artist stays true to who they are, doesn’t compromise and is in the business to create something unique that keeps their artistic integrity at the heart of what they do.

How different would you the South African music scene compared to the rest of the world?

Very different! It’s the home of the hustle and the original self-starters. This is why we have brought True Music to Africa – nowhere else has quite the same mentality as the artists here.

What makes Ballantine’s such a unique especially with regards to building up alternative connections & relationships?

Artists are excited to hear from us when we ask them to be part of our collaboration. True Music is not just about pay cheques and performances, it’s about telling authentic, original stories from the sub cultures around the world.

What kind of experience do you imagine that the combination of YoungstaCPT, Dope Saint Jude, DJ Lyle, K$ and Aux Womdantso is going to bring?

The line-up is undeniably brilliant so you just know the atmosphere is going to be electric! We have been doing some behind-the-scenes filming with artists in the run up to the event and everyone came away from it buzzing. When they hit the stage, the crowd are going to feel something very special in that room.

 What can attendees expect from the upcoming Boiler Room and Ballantine’s True Music event?

 A special show, in a special venue. This one is going to go off!

One Word that best describes Ballantine’s?

GOOD TIMES (I know that’s two words!)



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