Sipho the Gift Drops New ‘Kintsugi’ EP [Listen]

Sipho The Gift has just dropped his new EP titled Kintsugi . It is followed by two singles #TheLongWayHome and #TheMan. The 8 track EP is made-out of songs that showcase an evolved Sipho The Gift as the sonics delivered here are impressive without a doubt. Kintsugi is a Japanese philosophy and mending practice. It’s part of a broader school of thought called wasi wabi that promotes beauty outside of the symmetric beauty standards we’re fed everyday. In lemans term Kintsugi also serves as a creative muse that has inspired upcoming rapper Sipho the Gift to tell his story. Through the 8 songs produced and written by Sipho, he tells of a journey of self discovery through self love, self aware and eventually self mastery. Sipho has worked with cape town based musical all rounder Yum Yuck (Pascal Righini) and Johannesburg based producer Oshoku (Karabo Diseko) to weave an artistic thread of inspired lyricism set against expertly sculpted music.

Listen below:

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