Espacio Dios Features on Australian Electronic Producer Kilter’s ‘Through the Distortion’ Debut Album [Listen]

Australian electronic music producer Kilter recently dropped off his debut album called Through The Distortion. The new album sees Kilter featuring our very own Espacio Dios on a song called ‘Treasure’ which is an uptempo, groove-laden collaboration which was even premiered on Billboard. Through The Distortion contains 13 songs and is really a mash-up of dope tracks.  ‘Treasure’ is actually the only track off the album with an international feature.

“He had only put out one or two songs independently on Soundcloud but there was something about him that felt so special. After sending some ideas over through Twitter he hit me back with a demo over one of the beats saying that while it wasn’t his favorite it made him come up with such a different sound. I was in London at the time and probably played the demo a million times over that month before finally getting home and digging into it in the studio,” Kilter recalls. “Treasure” turned out to be “one of the songs truest to my sound and I think Espacio is only just getting started.” – Kilter

Listen below:

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