After a series of releases in 2017, including features with J Molley, Champagne69 and Gator, next rated artist & producer PatricKxxLee dropped ‘Broken Boys Break Toys’ featuring close friend and fellow rapper Saint Klaus.The personal and experience-laden track gives an insight into the mindset of both artists, who had their heart broken one too many times, which led them down a dark and destructive path, and to the conclusion that it’s better to stay away from love, to avoid getting hurt or hurting girls that fall for them. In the catchy chorus, PatricKxxLee reveals that he’s a broken boy who broke his toys, suggesting that no good can come from getting close to someone who’s heartbroken. ‘Broken Boys Break Toys’ is another single off PatricKxxLee’s debut album Diary Of An Arsonist that is set to be released at the end of June. Diary Of An Arsonist will tell the story of how Patrick’s decision to take charge of his own life irrespective of traditional conventions set his life on fire all around him, affecting the relationships with close friends, fake friends, parents, girls and lost loves.

Listen below: