Following the earlier release of the ‘Native Yards 57’ music video, Uno July recently dropped what will be a follow-up and the second video this year for the artist, entitled ‘Fokofpolisiekar’.  The track is taken off as the first single from his latest album Zero Hour Zone, which was recorded as a “24 hour project” at the Red Bull Studios in Cape Town, late 2016. The song boasts a production by Desert Head who’s known to form one-half of Christian Tiger School, and this will be their second collaboration effort to be released as a single since ‘Native Yards 57’ was released.

“I felt like I wanted to express how I was feeling at the time and wanted to convey a message to the industry gate keepers and opinion makers that artists must be allowed their freedom of expression and must not be pigeon-holed into whats happening at any current time” – Uno July

Watch below:

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