Sean Pages Drops Some Knowledge For Upcoming Producers!

Sooo I’m sure yol know how tough it is to crack into this industry! The hussling, making connections, it goes on and on and if you are an upcoming artist, you know the constant struggle of getting people to take you seriously. I’m sure it must be just as hard for upcoming producers, always having to convince people that your beat is dope and that they should work with you and believe in your vision. Welllllll I decided to have a young chat with Sean Pages, who is known for his producing skills and he had some knowledge to drop for all the upcoming producers. Got your pen right? alright, here are some tips he had to share for yol!

1. Make sure that you are creative! Having a website helps a lot, because that’s where you can post up your beats and there is a range and diversity of beats that people can listen to. This works because instead of emailing a lot of attachments to potential clients, you can give them the leeway of selecting whatever they want to listen to. The disadvantage of emailing a lot of attachment beats is that if a person listens to one beat and they dislike it, then its over for you! Unlike on the website, they will be able to skeem through and decide for themselves.

2. Remember that there are a lot of producers out there, each and everyday you are competing against all the others, so make sure there is something that sets your work, make sure it has that genuine quality sound that no other producer can imitate.

3. Stay hungry, don’t ever get too comfortable! If you get successful, don’t take a back seat and think you have made it, because there might be someone out there working twice as hard as you are and by not being comfortable it allows you to be open minded and create more dope stuff! It allows you to learn and evolve

4.Oh, oh, do not..approach artists at an event and tell them to pull up to your car to listen to your stuff, no, nooo! Make sure you work on your manner of approach, maybe have a card, that has details about your social media handles, your website where people can listen to your stuff and whilst you network with people, give them the card or just come up with an approach that won’t make the next person/artist uncomfortable, but rather interested!

Last, but not least, remember that when you are starting out, you cant go and be charging people thousands of rands, if you are still establishing yourself, your first free five beats might put you on the map! Then when you see that you are in demand and have at least a clientele of more than four people, you can start charging chankoora’s!

Remember to register your stuff with Samro, to avoid any legal drama and getting your material stolen or some dodgy ish like that!

Written by @sasamotale

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