Big Sweater, Don’t Care!

Winter is around the corner and fashion trends are popping up! Some people will be rocking boots others cannot wait to get warm with their sweaters. All that jazz, but who knew that winter can have so many fashion trends and who else can show us how to work these trends? Rihanna of course!  We love the whole big sweater vibe, its definitely going to have a come back during this cold season. A huge sweater, cute stockings and platform shoes or sneaks and you are good to go, the new trend when it comes to fashion is dressing up like you didn’t put much effort into your look. The I woke up and just decided on this outfit like ten minutes ago type of thing. SZA is also a fan of this look and I must say its actually dope because there are so many ways you can switch it up. So go get you a cool big sweater and let your fashion imagination run wild yo!

Written by @sasamotale



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