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Contra Gang: The Mother City’s Code to a Winning Recipe (Listen)

Contra Gang: The Mother City’s Code to a Winning Recipe (Listen) 4W2A5900


Contra Gang: The Mother City’s Code to a Winning Recipe (Listen)

There is a saying that echoes in the shadow of table mountain, a saying that many in the mother city of South Africa can connect with, “why is cape town known as the mother city?” one may ask to puzzle the face of a visiting nonlocal, to which the answer will quickly follow,” because it simply takes nine months for anything to happen.” The students who protested fees must fall last year can attest to the slow movement of transformation, and in the same breathe Cape town has experienced its own slow rate of transformation in to the mainstream ‘aweHness’ of South African hip hop.

Insert Contra Gang into your mental space.

To say Contra Gang is a collective of talented artists is the understatement of 2017. Cape Town is as filled with talented artist who have failed to make any traction with their music as anywhere else in South Africa, what separates Contra Gang from those artists is the already established track record of the groups individual members. Contra Gang boasts the bars that is Uno July and Camo from Ill Skillz and 5th floor respectively who have already earned entrance to perform with the world’s elite in hip hop, as well as Stan1 that has Aka, HHP and JR listed next to his name with the artists he has worked with. Not to mention J1 the rapper/producer who enjoyed his beats banging at the concert when Ill Skillz opened for Kendrick Lamar in Cape Town. M’tunez-i the mastermind rapper behind the Imali track that is spinning in the arrive alive advertising campaign. One cannot ignore the movement that is Simmysimmynya who has been burning up the club scene quickly amassing fans around his vocals that haunt the mind for more. Additionally Simmysimmynya performed at the 1st hip hop stage at Rocking The Daisies. And then there is the duo The Native Drums composed of producers Psyc and the Don.Loyiso who’ve made an appearance at Cape Town’s annual event, Design Indaba. Psyc is the culprit for the beat Uno July jumped on to create the hit Skelem last year. Don.Loyiso also recently released the K A YO ep.

Contra Gang is the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. This is made possible by the commitment to core values each Artists shares in rebelling against preconceived notions of South African hip hop to claims its own space in the country and defines itself boldly as the sound of Cape Townian hip hop.

This is the code to a winning recipe.

Now taste their first single titled ‘Alright’ below:

Contra Gang: The Mother City’s Code to a Winning Recipe (Listen) Cover Art

Listen below:

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