When Drake finally dropped More Life nobody could’ve ever guessed if they would be some jab taking verses from the 6 god himself but now it seems that Drake sends a few jabs at some people. So here is a short list of some of the disses on More Life people have been talking about.

Meek Mill: On the intro of ‘Free Smoke’, Drake can be heard saying “How you let the kid fightin’ ghostwritin’ rumors turn you to a ghost? Oh, you n*ggas got jokes.”  which  if you remember was a highly talked about subject (ghost writing) that found Meek fueling on those ghostwriting rumors.

On ‘Lose You’ Drake says “All you did was write the book on garbage ass Rollies,” on the song’s second verse. So if you think about how Meek is known for his love of Rolex watches then you might see the diss. Drake continues by saying “Ego strokin’, picture postin’, claiming that you’d do it for motivational purposes only but you just had to show me.”. If all of that don’t know, Meek Mill has a “Motivation” tattoo spelled out on his forearm.

Tory Lanez: The Drake and Tory Lanez rivalry is no secret and on More Life, Drake found a clever way to call Lanez’s name mixed with some wordplay. On ;Do Not Disturb’ Drake says “You overnight celebrity, you one-day star,” and closing it by saying “day star”. Tory’s name is Daystar Petersen.

So that Jennifer Lopez’s collaboration with Drake didn’t make it on More Life but he does sample her ‘If You Had My Love’ song on ‘Teenage Fever’ and even mentions her in the track ‘Free Smoke’. Drake says “I drunk text J Lo, old number so it bounced back,” which could be a diss on himself? You decide

Listen to More Life below: