The Gel Kayano Evo Knit Global Launch (SneakPeak)

Last week The Gel Kayano Evo Knit Asics Tiger collections was launched in Berlin. As an ever-changing world continues to present new challenges, urban influences and a desire to be part of a common collective culture are shaping the ideology of the millennial generation.In short, a tribe is growing and what they wear will unite themselves with each other.

The desire to inspire is shared by Asics Tiger and this cross-cultural coming-together is the foundation for the new integrated global campaign to launch the rebirth of an icon: the Gel-Kayano Trainer Knit collection.

Now The Gel-Kayano Trainer has been praised for its iconic design since 1993. and is now back with an exclusive full-knit fabric upper to reflect the collective spirit and collaborative creativity of today’s young people. There are five different products in the new range but it’s the full-knit upper that ties everything together – and it’s that togetherness Asics Tiger wants to celebrate. That’s why the campaign, created with the help of Berlin-based independent creative agency The Adventures Of, is based around a simple message: We are all woven from the same thread.

An exclusive art exhibition in collaboration with Highsnobiety celebrated the launch of the campaign last week at the König Galerie in Berlin.

The campaign launched on February 16 with a 90-second black and white film, highlighting and championing the monochrome Gel-Kayano Trainer Knit. Shot in urban spaces, the film features emerging cultural creators and influencers. While on the surface they appear different, they are all one. They might come from different places and initially head off in different directions but they soon realize that only by coming together are they stronger.

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