Respect My Existence!

In a world where we are consumed with a lot of things that surround us, we have to make choices each and everyday.  The beautiful thing about freedom is the willpower that comes with choice. When a person makes a choice, it’s a statement that says ‘I have the power to make a decision!’ when you take away that aspect in someone’s life, you are basically telling that person that they have no right to make a decision and that they should live their life in a certain way without having a say about certain things.

Years ago women were denied certain rights. They were taught that they are only equipped for specific duties and that they should play a role that describes what a ‘woman’ should be. That there are different opportunities that were set aside for a specific gender and that women should focus on homely duties and not expand their potential economically and politically. That all sparked a change when women decided to stand up and protest for their rights, they were fed up with the rigid system and being ostracized from equality. They saw that it was necessary to fight this system and have a voice about wanting equal opportunities, equal pay and equal rights. That everyone should believe in equality, your gender should not dictate your skills and how the world should view you.

On the 21st of January 2017, The Women’s March took  place in cities around the world. This march was aimed at making sure that women’s rights are not forgotten about and that they will always be fought for. This march was a means of sending a message that women should have the will of pro-choice and equal rights in each and every aspect. This Women’s March had different women from different walks of life coming together and holding their posters up high.  Rihanna was also spotted at the march. These posters had messages like ‘Respect my existence or expect resistance!”, ”The Rise Of Women, The Rise Of The Nation! All these messages conveyed a very strong message


This was valid years ago and will be valid until today because they made a mark, but years later till now women are still fighting for things that still haven’t been changed! The importance of pro-choice is that it highlights that ‘my body my choice’ whatever a woman may want to do with her body should be her decision! That laws, systems and political structures should not stop the power of pro-choice!

Its 2017! Lets hope that the following years women won’t still be fighting for their existence and the power of choice. That gradually these messages will not only be shouted out, but implemented and that more and more people will understand the importance of this!

Written by @sasamotale







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