Taking A Trip Down Memory Lane With Lauryn Hill!

I remember the first time I listened to Lauryn Hill, I felt like my mind was exposed to a whole new dimension. Her voice captured me and the message in each and everyone of her songs, made me feel like finally there was an artist who could express how we all feel on a daily basis. She sings and raps about social, spiritual and political issues, in a way that captures your mind and makes you see things differently.

Her word play and intelligence as well as her talent is what makes her always stand out. Lauryn Hill is an artist who believes in singing about the truth, no matter how uncomfortable it may make someone feel. Whenever she raps you could swear she literally has an entire book collection stored in her brain because of how she puts together her lyrics and still manages to woo us with her voice and individuality.

Yo! Remember when she dropped the track ‘Lost Ones‘ and rapped like her life depended on it, or when she made us search for our dictionaries whenever we listened to her verse on ‘Ready Or Not‘? She has always been lit, since back then.

Written by @sasamotale

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