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The Madida’s Screenshot 2016 12 22 08 55 21 1


The Madida’s

The beautiful Nandi Madida and her husband Zakes  revealed a picture of their adorable baby who they have named ”Shaka Madida”. Zakes, posted a picture of their baby on Instagram with a heart warming message. We congratulate this couple and we know that they will pass on their musical talent onto their baby. We couldn’t help but go “Ncaah” when we saw the image of the baby. We wish this couple all the best of luck on their new family venture.

screenshot_2016-12-22-08-40-07-1  The Madida’s Screenshot 2016 12 22 08 40 07 1 189x300            img_20161222_083621  The Madida’s IMG 20161222 083621 240x300


Written by @sasamotale

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