Saba is the next greatest rapper!

I knew from the first time when I heard his music, that this guy was gonna blow up! Not because of the hype but because he has genuine talent, his lyric ability and the way he raps is amazing. He has his own style and sound, it’s got an old funk vibe, but his lyrics are fun and real. He writes about things that almost anyone can relate to.

When I heard his ‘ComfortZone‘ mixtape, I couldn’t stop pressing the repeat button. I was hypnotized by the beats and the flow of the song and how he didn’t sound too forceful on the song. He knows his strengths as an artists and focuses on that. Then he was featured on Chance The Rappers song ‘Everybody”s Something’. In 2015, Saba and Chance the Rapper collaborated on the song ‘Angels

The ‘Bucket List Project‘ is his recent album and some of my favourite songs include ‘GPS‘, that’s the type of song you can turn up to but you can also listen to it on a chilled Sunday Afternoon, the fast paced beats and lyrics, make it a killa track! ‘Church‘ is another dope song it features on of the dopest rappers Noname, the song sounds like poetry on steroids! But the song that stole my heart is ‘Photosynthesis’ what a beautiful song, from the rhythm to the theme of the song, to how he raps on the track and the melodic hook that brings in a soul vibe to the rap song.

Saba is definitely going to be a force in this industry, people won’t see it coming, because for some reason he always works on his own pace, but when he delivers, he is proper!

Every artist has their own path in this industry and people don’t blow up the same way, other’s blow up quicker than others but what matters is are they blowing up because it’s a trend? or because actually dig the music? with Saba people who vibe with him are the type of people who have a unique musical ear, cause he is just that dope!

Written by @sasamotale


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