Maftown Heights Was Lit!

Maftown Heights was lit! No, I’m not blowing things out of proportion. Let me tell you why it was epic.

The artists who performed really went in hard, they vibed with the crowd and had so much energy, all of them gave the audience 100% artistry. Kwesta performed with Mdu and he took us back to the years when we would sing out loud to his songs.

Although the weather started getting bad and it rained so hard, that didn’t stop the people from partying. People were dancing in the rain and singing out loud”I got the keys, keys’ keys” and “Cut it, cut it”. The rain did not stop the vibe.

The crowd went wild when K.O performed the track ‘Son of a Gun’ and everybody couldn’t stop cheering him on and when Riky Rick performed ‘Sidlukotini’, man oh man, people starting getting turnt!

Maftown Heights 2016 was a memorable experience and a vibe that turned people into party animals in the rain, dawg!

Written by @sasamotale

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