Take A Trip To ‘Paradise’ with A-Reece

A-Reece new album titled ‘Paradise‘ might just make you reconsider what Hip Hop sounds like in 2016, lets be honest this has been a good year for Hip Hop in South Africa, the bars have been raised(excuse the pun) haha. No, but on the real though, the creative vibes that has been delivered from the different artists have been a mind trip!

It’s amazing to be part of this evolution where South Africa is not trying to mimic anyone else whereby they finding their own unique sound and killling it son! Okay, back to the topic, the ‘Paradise‘ album has been serving us ice-cream with a gold-spoon and no I’m not exaggerating, it’s literally that dope, if you don’t believe me then you should go get yourself a copy.

Songs like ‘Mgani‘ and ‘Sebenza‘ will have you all up in your feelings. Meanwhile songs like ‘Couldn’t‘ explore a journey where A-Reece explains all the adversaries he has faced and how people doubted him and ‘Zimbali‘ is an elevation of him saying “I can finally say I made it and I am enjoying it”. The beat on the ‘Zimbali‘ track, vibes with the theme of the song. Then there is the ‘Boom‘ track, it kinda reminds me of the track ‘Motto‘ with Drake and Wayne because of the upbeat, face paced beat and straight to the point lyrics.

The entire album displays different sounds and styles, the various themes in each song have been thought through carefully. Whether you’re into a girl or you are in a blessed peak in your life, or you are going through emotional issues or looking for ways to motivate yourself, the ‘Paradise’ album has a different song for each phase.

A-Reece really exposed every part of his personality on this album and I think the fans are going to appreciate the authenticity of how he has opened up about each part of his life, in the different tracks.

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Written by @sasamotale

Feature Image: @CraftZA


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