Hype Throwback Tracks!

Yol remember a few years ago when the lean back and rock widit were the most popular dance moves? You would rock up to a party and dance like you were about to lose your mind. Back when denim jackets and shades were the thing, oh, and when guys liked rocking cornrows so they could look like Lloyd (We see you) haha.

But now the fade is back and fashion has taken a new direction and so has the music. With so many futuristic and Trap, Trip Hop tracks these days it’s hard not to notice the change, from the music videos to the music production. Although a lot has evolved, which is good because music cannot stay the same it is dope to know that artists are constantly experimenting with new sounds.

Can we take a road down memory lane, when music was super chilled and easy. When you could jam to a track that made you feel like coolin, back when T.Pain’s tracks would turn any party into a lit vibe.  When, Bow Wow Let Me Hold You was the ultimate love track.

Tracks like Sprung had you all up in your feelings and tracks from Dem Franchize Boys, made you snap your fingers. I must say my snapping was on point yo! Lets not forget how Pharrel schooled us on how to sound like you’re charming someone on a track, with tracks like Frontin and when Jay-Z Change Clothes made us understand that a rap song, can actually have some chill. Everyone has a certain song that reminds them of a particular moment, party partner or memory. Here are a list of lyrics that remind us of a few years ago when we thought that knowing how to walk it out was the coolest thing!



Shortie Like Mine: Bow Wow

“You got a girl, but she ain’t nothin’ like mine. Cute face, nice size, like (mine)”.

Lil Jon: Snap Yo Fingers

“Snap ya fingers! Do ya step! You can do it all by yo self!
Let me see you do it! Ay!”

T.Pain: Sprung

“I’m Sprung…. Dawg She Got Me…
Got me doin things I’ll never do If u ain’t been I’m tellin you”

Pharrel ft Jay-Z: Frontin

“I know that I’m carrying on, never mind if I’m showing off
I was just frontin’. You know I want ya, babe”.

Comment below and let us know what’s your favourite, Throwback Thursday Track

Written by Nomsa Motale


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